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January 13, 2014

50 reasons to visit Barcelona

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In Barcelona always happens something. All year round, not just in the summer in the high tourist season. The city offers their visitors much more than warm sea, beach, sun, seasonal sales , parties or international exhibitions and congresses of specialists. Of course, all this is more than enough to visit the Catalan capital and fall in love with it once and for ever. But if you think that it is not enough for you, so Barcelona has designed and prepared a new advertising campaign especially for you, previously unseen and based on events for every taste that will take place during the whole of 2014 in the city on the Mediterranean coast. The campaign will be released on a special guide to the city, which will be distributed in six major cities in the U.S., UK, France, Russia and Mexico. As planned by the organizers, the Committee of Tourism of Barcelona and entertainment magazine Time Out, this guide will be a handbook for all those wishing to visit the Catalan capital and enjoy its variety of out of the tourist boom that occurs in the summer of each year.

Total this guide will contain 50 events with a detailed description, open to visit in Barcelona, and traduced in 4 languages.

At the same time, this issue will not be the only action undertaken by the Tourism Committee of Barcelona to attract tourists to the city.

According to official sources, the purpose of this colorful 32 -page guide is “to position Barcelona as active, inspiring and international city in which something always happens and is organized different events all the months of the year”.

Besides the already well-known to foreign tourists attractions of Barcelona, as well as its mild climate , beautiful beaches , great food and shopping opportunities , the Committee of Barcelona Tourism intends to introduce everyone interested with unexplored, but very interesting, beauty of the Catalan capital . After all, there is everything for everyone! For example, in the new guide is written about the fashion industry events and shows of modern designers, about tennis tournaments, about music festivals of electronic music, about the international salon of comics, as well as performances of the so-called “human towers” – “castellers” – Catalan tradition, which will be held in the city in 2014.

Barcelona is waiting for you!

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