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August 22, 2013

A very hot August for Spain

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A very hot August for Spain

Began the third week of August and Spain face a new wave of intense heat at the end of last summer month. This phenomenon is not something remarkable, given always the hot climate of Spain at this time of year, but still, it's better to be prepared, to avoid potential problems and inconveniences that may be caused by exposure to the sun during the hours of his most explicitly activity or even sunstroke.
Orange alert (high risk) due to high air temperatures that will exceed 40 º C, announced in the central and southern provinces of Spain: Toledo, Avila, Salamanca, Madrid, Badajoz and Caceres.
Despite the fact that the day is getting shorter and the sun is not so much heating, this new wave of heat will not be a big surprise for the residents of the Iberian Peninsula. After all, the Mediterranean Sea is now at the peak of the heat of the water, which helps air masses to be also in the hot state.
It is expected that the hottest days on this week will be Wednesday and Thursday, when the temperature in the center and east of the peninsula can rise to 42 º C, mainly in Cordoba and Seville, in the cities of the province of Andalusia, which is the hottest Spanish territory.
In addition, the increased risk due to high air temperatures announced in Spanish cities such as Huelva, Jaen, Albacete, Cuenca, León, Zamora, Lugo and Gran Canaria. Meteorologists also warn of serenity in most of the country, including the Balearic Islands.
Over the Canary Islands may be cloudy or even a light summer rain.
In the north of Spain, in the provinces of Galicia and Asturias, is expected to moderately hot temperatures with the possibility of light rain.
By the end of the week, meteorologists predict a slight decline of high temperatures, especially in the east of Andalusia and Galicia. On the coast of Cantabria, a slight increase in temperature, while in the rest of the country is not expected any changes.
As for the wind, here meteorologists do not predict a strong gust or storm warnings, given the constant presence of winds in these regions of Spain, on the coast of Gibraltar and the Canary Islands.

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