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February 11, 2014

Barcelona is one of the largest seaport of the world

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Barcelona claimed as the fourth largest seaport in the world. In 2013, the main seaport of Catalonia received 3.6 million passengers of travel liners. This number was exceeded only for the three seaports of Florida in the United States .

Barcelona is one of the largest and promising seaport the world, this fact is received more and more official confirmation. Catalan port in 2013 received the highest number of passengers in Europe and the fourth in the world in terms of passenger traffic . These data were published by the direction of seaport of Barcelona.

During 2013 the 3.6 million passengers used the seaport of Barcelona , which was 6% more than last year. Most of this amount were passengers on tourist ships that stay in Barcelona during their route on the Mediterranean . At the same time , more than 1 million people visited the seaport of Barcelona in 2013 , were passengers of the ferry , so they do not count for ranking of international seaports.

The cruise liners of such major companies as MSC, Royal Caribbean or Pullmantur, docked at the wharf of Barcelona in 2013 and took here 2.6 million people , which is 8% more than in 2012 , and almost equal to the record , reached by the port of Barcelona in 2011 in total passenger traffic. The direction of seaport of Catalan capital also noted that more than half of the tourist cruises, passed through the town in 2013 , namely 58% of the total, begun or ended in Barcelona. Which implies an even greater impact of tourist activities of the cruise passengers on the city's economy . In particular, the Department of Tourism in the City Hall of Barcelona assesses the economic impact of this cruise passengers to 300 million euros each year.

However, tourism is not the main activity for the main seaport of Catalonia. The direction also noted that still bet on for bigger and conveyance capacity of seaport. During 2013 , for example, through the port of Barcelona was taken and sent 42.4 million tonelads of  various cargo. The direction of the seaport intends to work towards for higher competitiveness of the Mediterranean dock of Barcelona.

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