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August 30, 2013

Catalonia – a major exporter and importer of Spain

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  • In 2013, this autonomy concentrates almost 25% of the total exports of the country.
  • General Secretary of the Spanish commerce, Jaime Garcia Legas, confirmed this week that Catalonia is a “major exporter” of Spain.
  • In the period from January to June 2013 exports amounted to 29.234 million euros.
  • In addition, Catalonia also has a leading position among the autonomous regions of Spain on imports.

The commercial activities of Catalonia are a powerful engine of the economy of both, the autonomy and Spain. This is according to General Secretary of Commerce, who presented this data at a press conference.

According to his report, 24.6% of total exports of Spain comes from Catalonia, that in terms of money equal to 29,234 million euros.

In general, we can talk about the six autonomous regions of Spain, concentrating a significant amount of the country's exports in the first six months of 2013. Behind the Catalonia goes Madrid with a share of 13.5% (16,068 million euros), Andalucia with 11.9% (14,153 million euros), Valencia Community with 10% (11,845 million euros), the Basque Country with 8.7% (10,388 million euros) and Galicia with 7.5% (8,857 million euros).

For the General Secretary of the Government of Commerce, these data are indicative of a very positive evolution of the economy. Never before has been reached such a volume of exported products. In addition, according to Jaime Garcia Legas, it is “a very good indicator is the fact that the export process involving many provinces of Spain, and this process is not concentrated in one or two autonomous regions of the country.”

The Secretary of Commerce also explained that at the state’s level these figures imply an increase in the volume of exports by 8% (118.722 million euros) in the period from January to June 2013. Which is a record for Spain.

Catalonia is also the leader of autonomy for imports in the period from January to June 2013, as evidenced by the 26.6% of total imports into Spain, which occurred precisely in this autonomous region. In monetary terms we can speak about 33.000 million euros.

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