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November 10, 2014

Catalonia has held an informal referendum on independence

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Catalonia has held an informal referendum on independence

More than two million Catalans (2.2 million people) have expressed their opinion on the situation in Catalonia, voting on Election Day, which was informal and designated as “inquiry of national opinion”. To the Catalans and the habitants of the region was proposed to answer two questions: “Do you want Catalonia to be a state?” and if so: “Do you want this state to be independent?”

According to preliminary data, in a referendum on the sovereignty of Catalonia, held under the name of 9-N and witch conclusion was suspended twice by the Constitutional Court of Spain, attended 37.7% of the population of the region, recorded during the last census (5.4 million Catalans). This result was described as “a complete success” by the president of the Generalitat de Catalonia, Artur Mas.

Therefore, the Catalan sovereignty received a total of 80.72% (1,806,336 people) votes, while the “No” to Catalonia as a state has reached 10.09% (225 659 people). At the same time, the response of “no” to Catalonia as an independent state scored only 4.54% of the vote (101,601 people). While the votes that do not responded, and so have gone to the “others” column, – were 68,885 people, or 3.08%. These data have been published on the website of the Generalitat de Catalunya

It is worth noting that this time the Catalan politicians, who promoted the referendum and the separation of Catalonia from Spain, have been able to mobilize almost the same number of voters in the last European elections in May 2014 (which received 2 one million votes), and more than in the previous regional elections, in which participated only 1.4 million people.

The process of the referendum, which the government describes as “sterile”, as it took place without incidents, has no legal force, but the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Artur Mas, said that it has been “a lesson of democracy in capital letters. “



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