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August 27, 2013

Chinese contemporary art in Barcelona

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The Center of Contemporary Art “Arts Santa Monica» in Barcelona holds an exhibition of the most notable works of art in China over the past 30 years. The exhibition is open to the public until 28 of September 2013.
The first exhibition dedicated to the art of the country of the rising sun, was opened in the center of the “Arts Santa Monica” in 1995, and was marked by the political atmosphere that prevailed at that time in the country.

The current exhibition, entitled “Pure Views”, contains some of the works of that time, but with a radically different perspective. More exactly, under the perspective of the changes those were made and experienced by contemporary art of China in the past 30 years.

Without forgetting about the rich history and cultural traditions of the vast Asian country, this exhibition will help visitors and anyone interested in Chinese culture to see a little more. The exhibits are not only talking about the change that occurred in the category of art itself, but also about new manners of creating masterpieces of modern formats. Most of the works are an interesting mix of new and old to the Asian style.

The exhibition “Pure Views” presents works by “veterans” of Chinese art who have already participated in the exposition of 1995, such as Wang Guangyi, Fang LLijun, Zgang Xiaogang, Ye Yongqing, Mao Xuhui and Zhang Peili.

Furthermore, in addition to the exhibition “Filmoteca de Catalunya” will show in September, the Chinese cycle of full-length and short films about art and cultural process that takes place in a remote and vast country.

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