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December 19, 2013

Cirque du Soleil will perform again in Barcelona

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Cirque du Soleil will perform again in Barcelona

From 19 to 29 December at the Palace of San Jordi in Barcelona will be performances of famous Canadian Cirque du Soleil. Acrobats and circus performers will present their new grand show called 'Dralion'. The new show is a fusion of two cultures, East and West. Each of the civilizations in the show has its own form and characterizing symbol , the West – is Leo and East – is Dragon, together they create a “Dralion”. The keynote presentation is ancient Oriental art and their inextricable connection with nature.

Decoration, costumes and music circus acrobats show will take the viewers into the alluring world of China and the East, with its so interesting and unknown culture. Eastern philosophy of life has always intrigued and interested Westerners.

The main objective of the eastern culture – the harmony of human life with its environment and nature. All, according to Eastern philosophy, has a certain sense, each element has its purpose.

And a new show famous Canadian circus wants to provide viewers the main values of the East in general and Chinese culture in particular. All elements and colors in the show have a certain value, because according to Chinese mythology, the 4 most important elements of life are represented by a different color. Thus, air is represented in blue, fire – red, water – green and earth – dark yellow. In the world of «Dralion» all four elements are mixed, as well as mix and culture of the West and the East, as well as the man with the nature, forming one whole and reaching equilibrium. This balance should precede peaceful coexistence of man and nature.

Performance «Dralion» goes to live music and live performance artists and singers circus Cirque du Soleil. Music for the show was specifically written by Canadian composer Violaine Corradi, which is a melodic blend of eastern and western sounds. It uses a variety of string and wind instruments. Lyrics are performed on an imaginary language, comprehensible only to the protagonist show Dralion .

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the East in Barcelona!

Performance 'Dralion' will be held in Barcelona from 19 to 29 December.

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