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November 20, 2013

Exports from Spain is growing

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Once again, the Government of Spain, led by President Mariano Rajoy, gives positive results of their policy and strong foundation for already completed or still forthcoming reforms in the economy of the country. This time we are talking about export operations of Spain.

In September 2013, total exports of Spain increased by 8.3 %, which is 4 times more than the average for the euro area. Spanish sales to other countries of the European Union have strongly increased in comparison with 2012, the consequence of which was that a significant breakthrough export policy.

From January to September 2013, total exports of goods and services from Spain reached an incredibly high of 175.143,3 million.

Due to this positive leap has significantly reduced the country's economic deficit , which at this time by 58.6 % less than in the same period last year. During the month of September export data shows an increase up to 19.344,8 million euros, which is 8.3 % more than in September 2012. According to official data from the Bank of Spain, achieved total exports for 2013 of 175.143,3 million euros, is the highest recorded level since began the statistics of the export of the country. Successful export era Spain becomes even more apparent when compared with the results achieved by its main commercial partners. In the area of the common euro coin export volume increased by 2.1%, which is four times less than in Spain. While this indicator for EU was 2.9%.

At the same time total imports in Spain for the period analyzed, amounted to 21.931,8 million euros, 4.7% more than last year. Among the imports into Spain dominated nature of non-energy products, such as information systems, which according to the chief secretary of state for commerce and the economy, is a clear indication of a solid recovery Spanish economy.

It is also worth noting that a 9.4 % increased exports from Spain to countries outside of the European Union, such as in South Africa, Brazil , China and Morocco. The share of exports to these countries accounted for 37.8 % of the total volume of export operations of Spain.

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