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January 15, 2016

Following in the footsteps of the great Dali and properties on the Costa Brava

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Then, the Costa Brava is a part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, situated in Catalonia, which belongs to the province of Girona. It is widely spread along the coast till the border with France. In this sense, the geographical location is considered very prosperous. Since there are more possibilities of movement, it is more interesting. The Costa Brava is a place to relax, to enjoy a good cuisine, sea and sun. In a word, a real romance! It has a temperate climate without unbearable heat. This is possible due to the extensive mountain chain, which, like the guards, protects the coast. The scenery is stunning, exquisite and amazing!

Of course, on the Costa Brava, practicing of all possible water sports is very well developed. Diving and sailing in the open sea – all this you can do here. In addition, golf, hiking and biking are also popular on this Spanish coast.

By the way, on the Costa Brava you can not just lie on the beach and sailing. For cultural enrichment the activities will not be lacking here. For example, you should visit the natural national park named "Cap de Creus". Beautiful massive rocks, volcanoes, arch and natural rock bridges – all this is impressive and pleasing to see. From the cliff tops, an indescribable view fascinates with its colorful splendor and fantasy geometry opens. It is a pure magic! In addition, here have been preserved very old buildings. These include the monastery of San Pere de Rodas, for example.

Be sure to visit the fishing village of Cadaques. It is said that this place was especially loved by the mysterious painter Salvador Dali. There is even preserved a small house where the artist lived and worked.

A special attention should be paid to the castle Gala (named after the beloved woman of Dali). The castle is located in the village of Púbol. The building impresses with its size and decoration, and of course, it has an extraordinary and magnetic atmosphere, just the same of the paintings of Dali. It is interesting, unusual and lively.

Luxury kitchen and fine Spanish wines are also an important part of the Costa Brava, which deserves to be considered separately and preferably with a good degustation.

But, about the properties on the Costa Brava we will talk a little more. Create an image of a typical object in this part of Spain is difficult. On the Costa Brava you can find either luxury real estate (villas, houses, farms), and also more affordable options. It all depends on the goals and objectives of the individual preferences of potential buyers.

It is said that villas and apartments on the Costa Brava combine several similar conditions. As a rule, all of them are located in close proximity of the coast, have their own patio and garden, and also a European distribution (bedrooms with individual bathrooms). However, this is only a brief list of the main features of the properties on the Costa Brava.

Another interesting fact is that, despite the high quality of materials and finishes, excellent distribution and developed infrastructure nearby, the price of such properties is often comparable to the price of a very ordinary apartment in Moscow. But the attraction of real estate on the Costa Brava as an investment, of course, is much higher. It is hard to believe, but it is true! Therefore, if you have decided to buy a house or a villa on the Costa Brava, you may consider your decision as balanced and rational.

It is important to remember to contact a solid company, specializing in real estate in Spain (Costa Brava). We advise you to consider the candidacy of the company "Lusa Realty." Large database of objects and strong business relationships with owners, in addition to collaboration with the best immigration lawyers in Spain are the guarantees of security and reliability in transactions with real estate.

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