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October 14, 2016

Foreign investment in Catalonia increased by 57.8%

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Foreign investment in Catalonia increased by 57.8% in 2015 and amounted to 4,783 million euros, according to figures released this week by the Ministry of Economy of Spain.

Foreign investment in Madrid, meanwhile, reached 10,093 million euros, 1.2% less than last year, however, this is still the leading region in attracting investment to Spain, with 46.5% of total, compared to 22% of total that represents Catalonia.

The fact that the Spanish capital attracted much investments that other regions such as Catalonia, is mainly explained by the condition that the investments are recorded in the account of the autonomous community where the company has its headquarters in Spain.

Moreover, in the country as a whole in 2015, investments grew by 11% to 21,724 million euros, which is the fifth best result since 2000.

The Government of Spain pointed out that these results indicated a change in trend, which began in 2013, and is manifested in the recovery of the volume of foreign investments in the country's production, that is, except for transactions with values.

In net terms (gross investment less funds taken out of the country), increase of investments in production was by 7.9% and thus reached an amount of 16,184 million euros (compared to 15,000 million euros in 2014).

From the geographical point of view, as well as by country of origin of the investments, with the exception of transit countries that are considered "tax havens", the largest investments were made from Luxembourg (16.5% 3,584 million euros), Spain (15.1%, 3,273 million euros), the Netherlands (12.8%, 2,777 million euros), France (9.9%, 2.140 million euros), the USA (7.3%, 1,581 million euros) and the UK (6.0%, from 1,311 million euros). In addition, these six countries accounted for 67.5% of the capital invested in the Spanish economy in 2014.

The second position occupied by Spain in this ranking is because, technically, investments have been made from abroad, but the owner of the capital is a resident of Spain, so this type of investment is also called “return” investment or "round-trip investment".

As for the other autonomous communities of Spain, it can be highlighted a significant increase in investments made in Andalusia (565 million euros, 2.6% of the total, and an annual increase of 99.4%) and in Murcia (2.4% of the total amount of 518 million euros in 2015 and 44 million in 2014), as it was reported by the news agency EFE.

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