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July 30, 2014

Growth in construction activity in Spain

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Growth in construction activity in Spain

Spain is the fourth country in the European Union, where in May 2014 saw the highest growth of construction activity. Namely, construction activity in Spain rose by 1% in May, which is the second highest index in the euro zone. In the European Union as a whole, construction activity fell by 1.6% from April this year. In the euro area, construction decreased by 1.5% compared with the previous month.

The construction sector in Spain is currently so slow that any activity is a notable growth. As in this case, when the activity in the construction sector in Spain in May 2014 increased by 1%, and the country was in second place for growth in the euro area and in the fourth in the European Union (EU).

Nevertheless, in accordance with the statistical agency of the European Union, Eurostat, the euro area's construction industry registered a decline of 1.5% compared with the previous month. Thus, construction activity in the euro area went into decline after rising by four tenths of a percent in April 2014. Compared with the same month last year, activity in the euro zone construction sector grew by 3.5%.

In general, in the European Union (EU) construction activity fell by 1.6% in May 2014 compared to April, when it increased by 0.3%, while compared to the previous year was recorded an increase of 3.2 %.

Among the EU countries for which data are available for May 2014, the average progress in construction activity has occurred in Hungary (+2.3%), Bulgaria (1.7%), Slovakia (+1.6%) and Spain (+ 1%), while the most notable reduction occurred in Germany (-4.9%), Poland (-3.9%), Slovenia (-3.7%) and the Czech Republic (-3.6%). Compared to May last year, the biggest decline in construction correspond to countries such as Romania (-10.3%), Portugal (-10.2%), the Netherlands (-4%) and Germany (-2.5%), and leading increases were registered in Spain (+42.4%), Slovenia (+41.8%), Hungary (+28.7%) and Poland (+6.8%).


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