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March 22, 2016

Houses on the beach in Spain: you choose

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A beach house in Spain is a form of dream, a beautiful picture that draws your imagination. Just smell the sea waves, feel the light breeze on your face once and you will never want to let go of that holiday feeling of fullness and positive emotion. In addition, having been in Spain only once, you cannot simply forget the hospitality of the local people, their way of organization of free time, their desire to do everything possible to make you feel good and to have fun in the best way possible.

Well, a dream is a dream, but the number of those who want to buy property in Spain is growing every year. For someone is an option to spend the summer holidays. For someone luxury properties in Spain are necessary for the organization of their permanent residence in this country. Someone sees this purchase only as a financial investment. And finally, a few are able to combine all these factors.

Houses in Spain are built along the entire coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This can be a villa near Barcelona, ​​a luxury home on the Costa Dorada, or a villa on the Costa Brava, and many other options in different parts of the country.

Luxury villa very close to Barcelona, with beautiful views over the sea of Castelldefels

Villas near Barcelona

We would like to highlight and discuss in more detail the most popular choice, particularly about villas near Barcelona. We must say that there are many proposals that differ in budget, facilities, infrastructure, etc. However, in this case there is almost no economic options.

Let us start with the Garraf coast which is the tourist area of ​​Catalonia and includes several dwellers. Generally, the Garraf is a natural park, which contains unique representatives of the animal world, a variety of plants and ancient architectural monuments. It is probably more correct to say that the Garraf is an open air museum. However, this conventional definition can be applied to almost all cities in Spain. Local people often choose this place. The Spaniards think that it is more comfortable, safe and fun. Luxury properties on the Garraf are concentrated in the areas of Sitges, Gava Mar, Castelldefels.

Properties in Sitges

Sitges is a lively city, loved by the youth of all world, characterized by the presence of luxurious restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues. For example, here is located the famous disco 'Pacha', a visit card of the city, among other things. Besides, the city is very famous for its outdoor festivals. For example, the beginning of spring is celebrated here with the parade of retro exquisite cars. The show is very interesting, made with excellent program and Spanish character. In February, however, a radically different event is organized: a gay parade. This weeklong carnival attracts the attention of people walking around the city. Overall, the event is quite shocking, we cannot deny it, but very interesting and theatrical. Everything is done with a good taste, sounds great music, costumes shine and reflect their bright colors.

Properties in Sitges are a solid acquisition. The city is located near Barcelona (in 40 minutes you are there), but by itself is very distinctive and modern. Houses here, of course, are luxurious. Three bedrooms, private pool, sea views, access to the terrace from the living room – to buy a house in Sitges of this type can cost between 2000-3000 euros per square meter.

Properties in Gava Mar

Gava Mar is a luxury, distinctive, not for everyone. Here lives and rest Spain's elite, including the FC Barcelona players, the movie and show business stars, politicians and businesspersons. Being honest, this is not the place where you can see many touristic attractions. Here you have to relax, enjoy gourmet cuisine, impeccable service, exquisite treatment that you deserve. Moreover, of course, real estate in Gava Mar meet the high demands of potential owners. Luxury patio, sea views, excellent modern interior design, panoramic windows, private screening room – o buy a house in Gava Mar with these features is possible for the price between 4000-6000 euros per square meter.

One of the best sandy beaches of Costa Garraf are in Castelldefels

Properties in Castelldefels

Castelldefels is a quiet and comfortable, not arrogant city with its special recognizable form. Here it is possible to practice sailing, other water sports and beach holidays. Although the city is constantly in restoration process (according to data obtained from open sources, last restoration was made only 5 years ago), it has retained its historical portrait. Therefore, here you can find ancient churches and remarkable castles.

Properties in Castelldefels buy respectable and successful people. Among local inhabitants, there are a lot of Spanish musicians, actors, artists and politicians. Houses in Castelldefels have high quality finishes, interesting exterior and interior decoration, a wide area. A wonderful terrace, which you can go from the living room, a kitchen, and several comfortable rooms – properties with these features can be found from 3,000 euros per square meter of housing.

Time to buy a house on the beach in Spain

Whichever beach house in Spain you choose, the company "Lusa Realty" will do everything possible and even more to fulfil your needs, expectations and dreams. The complete database of luxury homes in Spain with a high level of comfort, the presence of exclusive offers for VIP clients, the ability to work with impressive budgets and the most demanding customer requests, makes us the leading participants of Spanish luxury real estate market.

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