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January 26, 2016

How is a house in Barcelona?

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Barcelona is a city of dreams, the guardian of the Spanish history, the epicenter of culture, magnificent architecture and unique features. Barcelona is lyrical, modern, incredibly friendly, has great opportunities for business, investment and personal development. This city of Spain has perfectly maintained its traditions, values ​​its national cuisine and at the same time has all the qualities of a modern place to live and relax.

It is questionless that there is absolutely everything you need to organize a carefree and full of color life; there is no place for stress, indifference and injustice in Barcelona. 

How is a house in Barcelona

Particularly popular are the luxury houses in Barcelona, ​​as they are located relatively far away from the bustle of the city, but close enough to the magnificent beaches of the coast. In addition, a house in Barcelona near the coast is an isolated and a priori solid object with a private family atmosphere. We can say that is a "kingdom within a state" of a particular family. We must say that between a house and a villa in Barcelona there is almost no difference, and moreover, these concepts are almost synonymous.

Private house in Barcelona in the famouse Bonanova district. House in the city with big garden

Therefore, buying a house or a villa in Barcelona means getting a nice, decent housing, with thoughtful service and air conditioning system, with water and electricity supply. The surface of a house usually starts from 100 square meters. From one to three plants where there are several bedrooms with private baths, a dining room, a fitted kitchen, a terrace or a porch, a utility room, a storage room, a wine cellar, a garage.

In addition to this, there is a plot of well-maintained and cared for land, where the house itself is located. The surface of the garden can be totally different. In this case, it is depending on your budget and needs of the person who decided to buy a villa in Barcelona. For example, the area can be of 300 square meters, but can be up to 4000 m2!

On a plot of 300 square meters it can easily be located a pool, a recreation area with barbecue, a small garden. In short, here there is everything you need for a comfortable stay with your family and besides, to accommodate your guests. 

Walking around the city

Of course, even living in this amazing house you will want to take a walk. Fortunately, in Barcelona, ​​in addition to luxury real estate, there are plenty of interesting things. Visit the Picasso Museum, located at street Moncada. Here you can see the works of the great artist. Moreover, even his drawings when he was a child are displayed.

Also, do not forget to visit the Royal Square, which attracts with its special energy. Here are located the incredible fountains of Barcelona. Besides, you can see here the lighted trees. These lights are incredible at night (Antonio Gaudi himself invented them for the city).

By the way, speaking of Antonio Gaudi. This architect left a significant mark on the development of the culture of the city. His masterpiece called the Sagrada Familia (a cathedral) usually causes respiratory failure: it is made with so much art and beauty. The Gothic style is at the base of the cathedral, although some critics also see there the elements of modern style. By the way, the magnificent work is not yet finished. It is said that the Spanish people do not really want to complete it. In addition, there is rumor that the completion of the building will symbolize the end of the world…

The best offer

If you intend to buy a house in Barcelona, ​​we suggest you consult the qualified specialists of the company “Lusa Realty”. The company is engaged in both the selection of profitable real estate from the reliable construction companies and from the owners, and provides legal support for transactions with real estate in Barcelona. In the competition of the company enter also all legal matters related to buying a property in Spain (including the application for a residence permit). Consult the experts of the company now and get the best deal!

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