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December 18, 2014

In Catalonia there are more companies than in Madrid

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In the province of Catalonia there are 629,885 active registered companies, accounting for 18% of the total volume of all national companies, the highest rate in the country, compared to 483,327, or 14% of the total, which has the Madrid Community. The figures were presented according to the results of research on the demographics and business results in Catalonia and Madrid, published by Informa D & B (the company CESCE).

In particular, the Catalan business consists mainly of individual entrepreneurs, namely 46%, and society with limited liability (35%), while in Madrid community with limited liability are the most common type of enterprise, reaching 44% of the total numbers and individual entrepreneurs account for 40%. Corporations represent only 3% of Catalan companies and reach 5% in Madrid.

On the other hand, Catalonia has more freelancers and companies with foreign capital than Madrid, namely a total of 28,229 freelancers and 5,748 companies have chosen the Catalan province for their activities, compared with 27,852 and 4.521, respectively, which were established in Madrid. Although, due to the smaller total number of existing companies in the Spanish capital, the foreigners in this region represent a higher percentage of the whole.

The study also shows that both in Madrid and Catalonia more than 95% of the business make up the micro-enterprises and almost 4% are small businesses. Madrid has a greater number of medium and large companies, 1.07% vs. 0.78% in Catalonia. Nevertheless, the number of high-growth companies is the same in both Spanish regions: 726 in Catalonia and 724 in Madrid.


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