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March 4, 2016

Luxury in Garraf: Sitges, Castelldefels and Gava Mar

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The Garraf coast (or simply Garraf) is a tourist area, located on the south of Barcelona. It has everything you may need for a great vacation: beaches, gentle sun, well-developed infrastructure, large Natural Park with diverse flora and fauna, and ancient architectural monuments. Here spend their holidays both tourists from Europe, Russia and CIS countries, as well as Spaniards. In fact, this is the most important factor in determining the level of comfort and safety of a place. Since the local people would not choose a bad site. In addition, the rich Spaniards buy houses near Barcelona for spend here their summer holiday, come here with their families to enjoy a beach holiday.

In general, luxury real estate in Garraf is literally everywhere: in Sitges, in Castelldefels and in Gava Mar. These are, as you might already have understood, the tourist towns of Garraf.

Penthouse in the front sea-line in Gava Mar, close to Barcelona

Properties in Sitges

Sitges is considered the most striking, beautiful and great city of Garraf. Here dramatized knightly tournaments, festivals and street parties are organized. In short, here it is never boring.

Sitges properties consist of houses, villas and apartments. Luxury apartments in Sitges capture the most attention of buyers. They are located in apartment buildings, in the first or second line of the sea. The floor surface may be small, or impressive. For example, a variant of an apartment in Sitges of 50 square meters, with two bedrooms, living room, balcony, storage room and bathroom is available at a very reasonable price. Usually, this apartment is fully furnished, has all the necessary appliances. However, a version of a luxury apartment in Sitges of 120 square meters will cost twice as much, but it will be a five-room apartment with design reform, a terrace of 15 square meters, offering a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. In the courtyard of the house, the owners can use the sun beds, community pool, and parking.

If you prefer something more isolated, you can buy a house in Sitges. In this case, pool and garden are private. The house will be much larger than the size of an apartment. Of course, there are options of 100 square meters, but the average is at least 200 square meters. This type of housing would be particularly comfortable. Since each room in this case will have a private bathroom, besides, the living room is equipped with a fireplace. The interior and exterior of the house are decorated in modern style: lots of space, light, pastel colors.

Properties in Castelldefels

Now let us talk about the town of Castelldefels. It is very quiet, relaxing and beautiful. The most important thing to do here is to rest. The beaches extend for 5 km. At the same time, in just 20 minutes you can reach the center of Barcelona, for business and creative people is very important. There are here, of course, and historical monuments, as the city is quite old. It is said that the first mention of Castelldefels dates back to the tenth century. Here, for example, has retained the "Castle of Felix". Who was Felix, is not known precisely: if he was the founder and owner of the castle, or he was an abstract name. The main thing is that the castle is incredibly beautiful and impresses with its gigantic dimensions, and there is a steep staircase, which is surrounded by greenery.

Properties in Castelldefels is attracting more and more private investors. Each year the city is growing, life gets better every time, and economic indicators are becoming higher. Special attention deserve luxury villas in Castelldefels. These magnificent buildings are built with wood finishes and natural marble, and the winery, which has this house, contains the most exquisite brands of Spanish wines. The houses in Castelldefels also are built on stunning plots of land, with an average area of ​​400 square meters. A huge pool, a games area, a walking area, everything here is very impressive. The house also stands out for its space and decoration. Only the terrace in a similar construction can reach 50 square meters.

Properties in Gava Mar

Now we focus on Gava Mar. This is the trendiest place in the Garraf, it is a kind of an exclusive space for particularly demanding people. Properties in Gava Mar are buying private investors of high level: the players of FC Barcelona, ​​the world stars of art, cinema and showbiz, business leaders and business owners. Here the best beaches are concentrated, it is organized impeccable service, are located the trendy restaurants, where you will be served with the masterpieces of haute cuisine. Sale of property in Spain, Gava Mar is very active. Despite the slight decline in the growth of economic indicators in the world, here the situation is generally stable. Moreover, we must say that the best deals are available at this very moment. For example, a villa in Gava Mar is more like a work of art. High ceilings, large arches, sweeping staircases and marble balustrades – everything seems like in a castle. Such constructions are almost gigantic, there are even equipped with its own elevator. On the well-maintained plot of land is situated a pool, many plants, a walking area. The equipment of the house, of course, is a real luxury: the best furniture, excellent finishing, distribution designed to the last details. Such a house is simply divine!

Time to invest

The company "Lusa Realty" will advise you on all matters of the purchase of luxury properties in Garraf, will evaluate the investment attractiveness of the object and the most profitable option will be selected. All aspects related to the organization of the entry into the country will solve the immigration lawyer in Spain, giving detailed explanations of each topic that may interest you.

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