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March 11, 2014

More passengers for Barcelona Airport

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More passengers for Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport continues to increase its ridership, which in February 2014 was 2.1 million, 6.4% more than in January 2014. During the first two months of 2014 the main Catalan airport has increased the flow of passengers by 5.8 %, compared with 2013 year. In January and February of 2014of the Barcelona Airport “El Prat” benefited 4.2 million people. Thus, passenger traffic through the airport in Barcelona continues to grow every month.

This increase was made possible primarily due to an increase in the number of passengers from countries not members of the European Union, that is, international flights and transportation, which increased by 12.5% , while the growth in passenger traffic due to intercontinental flights was 15, 6%.

In addition, passengers – EU citizens, also continued to follow a positive trend and increased volume through the “El Prat” Barcelona by 9.2 %. Only national transport decreased again in February 2014, albeit to a lower value by only 0.6 % , continuing to be a negative indicator .

Barcelona airport is also known for its excellent connections to all continents of the world and a huge number of countries, which is reflected positively on the increase in passenger traffic through the Catalan airport. In particular, in February 2014 is to provide a significant increase in the number of passengers from Africa, in particular, by 36.1 %, due to the introduction of new routes in Morocco and Algeria. Also increased the number of passengers from the Middle East, thanks to the new flight of the airline “Emirates”, which was introduced since 1 February and joined Barcelona with Dubai. At the same time, we must not forget about the significant increase in the number of passengers from Ukraine, Turkey and the Russian Federation, through new and more frequent flights to these countries.

Total in February 2014 in Barcelona airports were registered 17,606 landings , which is 1.9 % more than in January 2014 , and through the airport ” El Prat” was transported 7.6 million kg of cargo, 1% more than in the previous month.

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