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November 7, 2013

Passenger traffic of the airport ” El Prat ” increased in 2013

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In October 2013 there were an increase in the number of passengers used Barcelona airport “El Prat” by 2% compared to October last year, when the month was recorded 3.05 million passengers.

The total number of passengers since the beginning of 2013 amounted to over 30 million people. Thus, the main airport of Catalonia continues the positive trend of growth throughout the year . The main factors in this success is the modern airport equipment and, of course, the popularity of Catalonia throughout the world as a tourist destination.

During an official act, carried out at the airport, Spain's Minister of Development Ana Pastor led the statistical data on passenger traffic, passable through the main Catalan airport. The result of the data was the increase in passenger numbers by 2% overall, and an increase in the number of foreign passengers by 7%. The total number of passengers has exceeded 30 million, but 2013 year is still not over. Until the end, the Ministry of Development is making quite a positive outlook on the job at Barcelona airport “El Prat “.

According to the words of the Minister of Development, disposable data are «unequivocally positive” and keep a good trend 2012 year, when “El Prat” in the year received 31.1 million passengers from all over the world, and also transported 96 million tons of cargo.

“We want and we will work to improve and increase in passenger traffic, as this airport is a key for Spain,” – said the Minister of Development, in its official statement. Also, you should keep in mind that during this year the airport “El Prat” started to operate regular flights to new destinations, which once again underlines the importance of the airport.

Ana Pastor also stated its position on the issue related to the airline Qatar Airways, which has expressed a desire to enter the routes to South America from Barcelona airport “El Prat”. On this occasion, Minister of Development said that if the Arab airline will make such a proposal to the Ministry of Development, it will be just fine and will be studied and taken into account the views of other airlines already working on these areas in order to maintain the competitiveness of all airports of Spain.

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