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April 10, 2014

Port of Barcelona does not reduce the rate of work

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Port of Barcelona does not reduce the rate of work

Even in winter the sea port of Barcelona continues active work pace and even gaining momentum in anticipation of the summer season. During January and February 2014 the passenger traffic of seaport of Barcelona was 155,000 people, which is 18 % more than last year. To date, this figure is already 35 % of the total of passengers who are coming to seaport of Catalan capital.

It seems that the management of the Port of Barcelona have found the magic formula to increase passenger traffic during the so-called low season, which occurs during the winter months of the year and is characterized by low-volume work. Thus , the equipment of seaport is not idle in winter and the work is more evenly distributed during the year.

The main idea of the new policy: “The main sea port in Europe and the fourth largest port in the world must be profitable all year round, not just during the summer .” Port leaders are very satisfied with the results achieved, as already in the first months of 2014 , the passenger traffic increased by 18% , while the number of stops and stops cruise liners has grown even more , by 51%, to 53.

All indications are that this year seaport Barcelona exceeded his own record for the number of passengers in the year, which is of 2.6 million people. The direction of seaport expressed his optimistic and confident that this year will be achieved, as a minimum, a similar figure for the number of passengers of seaport.

According to estimates of the Committee on Tourism of Barcelona annual passengers of cruise ships that stop at the seaport of Barcelona, bring the city more than 300 million euros, which is a significant contribution to the local economy.

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