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March 1, 2016

Real estate for rent in Barcelona, or how to make the decision to buy a property in Spain

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To tell a complete and concise history of Barcelona, would probably take us more than a day. Since this city of Spain is so unique, colorful and unusual. Everything is unusual: architecture, culture, modernity, cuisine, the public. Needless to mention only the famous Cathedral of the Holy Family (La Sagrada Família), an architectural masterpiece of the great Antonio Gaudi. This building captives everyone, is made in the Gothic tradition and wrapped in a mystery. Attracts and repels at the same time – so strong is its energy. Incidentally, this is the most striking example of a long-term construction in the world. Yes, yes! Despite the fact that the construction of the building began in the nineteenth century until today its construction was never completed. Rumors say that this will never happen. There is a legend that the completion of construction will inevitably lead to the end of the world.

However, Barcelona is not only a cultural city but also a modern center of active life; there is place enough for business, study and leisure. The undeniable advantage is that the city is not an "asphalt jungle" as usually large cities are, as it is located on the Mediterranean coast.

Completely reformed flat in the center of Barcelona, Eixample

Properties in Barcelona

However, to get to know Barcelona better you need to visit it, this is a fact. To achieve this goal some people prefer to get to town and staying in a hotel. Others prefer another option: renting a property in Barcelona. Generally, having been here once, having lived, enjoyed a high level of European life, a recent guest prefers to settle in the city and buy a house in Barcelona. In short, rent property in Barcelona is the first step for purchase it in the future.

Villas near Barcelona

The abundance of proposals differs in prices, equipment, design and the adjacent infrastructure. Therefore, if we talk about options nearby, when the property is not located in the city and its surroundings, it is worth considering a villa near Barcelona. They are in sufficient proximity to the beaches, allowing you to have enough privacy. At the same time, you can reach the city center in just 15-20 minutes. The time interval may vary depending on the area of ​​the location of the property. For business people and busy people – this is a real find. Since you can combine leisure and business, easily making your way to the city center by car or by public transport.

, ​​which are mostly villas and houses on the beach, in Spain, are magnificent buildings. It is normally a beautiful building of 2-4 floors with several rooms and private baths, fireplace, living room, kitchen, terrace, from where you can see the Mediterranean Sea. Furniture and appliances are also included in the equipment of the house. In addition, on the plot of land is situated a swimming pool with lighting, a garden, a parking, a barbecue area. Renting a house in Barcelona can be made both for a long and for a short term. Usually creditworthy people and potential investors do just this, and then make the decision to buy a house in Barcelona.

Nice flat with touristic license in Paseo de Gracia of Barcelona

Luxury apartments in Barcelona

Apartments near the sea in Barcelona are also very popular. They are usually located in standard apartments buildings or in ultra-modern residential complexes, which have their own internal infrastructure: a swimming pool, a promenade, a playground. The apartments are usually sold with finishes that meet the latest trends in interior design. The apartments can be studio (one open space) or with separate rooms. We should mention that the open space occurs more frequently. In any case, buyers also actively seek luxury apartments in Barcelona of several levels (duplex), which are sometimes equal to any luxury villa.

However, a few words should be said about the economic options. Although the word "economic" is used in this case conventionally. You will be surprised, but you can buy an apartment in Barcelona for the price of 1000 euros per square meter. It will be a flat of about 50-75 square meters, with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a balcony overlooking the sea. Furniture and equipment will also be included in the price. This apartment is located near the beach and the Diagonal Mar shopping center – one of the best in Barcelona. With renting such a property, you need to hurry, as there are many suitors.

Real estate agency in Barcelona

If you want to know Barcelona, ​​the company "Lusa Realty" will do everything possible so you can take the correct decision, worthy of your desires. We are not just a luxury real estate agency in Barcelona, ​​but also act as experts on the legal aspects associated with renting and buying real estate in Spain. The transaction of purchase and sale of buildings in Barcelona is made according to all regulations, approved by the Spanish legislation. Secure transactions, high quality service and a wide selection of properties are our priorities.

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