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February 12, 2016

Renting a house on the Costa Brava:

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Luxury properties on the Costa Brava attract attention not only of the buyers, but also of the tenants. Indeed, on the one hand, with the purchase of a villa or a house on the Costa Brava, you can perfectly organize your stay in Spain. And, moreover, you may receive an additional income by renting your property.

Villa with swimming pool in Alella, very close to Barcelona

What to rent?

The most obvious advantage of the tenant of a villa on the Costa Brava is in the freedom of action, and the ability to stay in a spacious and comfortable home with your family or with a group of friends, and a more rational way in relation to financial investments compared with a long-term stay in a hotel.

A villa or a house on the Costa Brava is a well-made building, ranging from one to three floors, has several bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, a living room and a dining room, a terrace overlooking the sea, garden or mountain views, and a storage. On the plot of land they are located a swimming pool, an underground garage, a picnic area and a garden. Furniture, TV, multimedia, Wi-Fi, home appliances and kitchen utensils – everything you need to organize a life and a comfortable stay, all of that is available here for you.

The season and places

Normally, the villas on the Costa Brava are rented throughout the year. The hottest months are considered from June to October. However, the Costa Brava are not just for a beach holiday, but also to travel, learn more about Spain and also visit France. The fact is that the Costa Brava has border with this European country, has excellent transport links, and unlimited opportunities to move. Therefore, the future investors in real estate on the Costa Brava can be assured: the demand for houses and villas for rent is consistently high for almost every month of the year.

On the territory of the Costa Brava, the main feature is the presence of rocky coast, framing the coastline. However, of course there are exceptions, which include the tourist town of Playa de Aro. It is located in the northern part of the Costa Brava, and famous for its elegance, privacy and availability of magnificent sandy beaches. Right here there is almost no rocks and the landscape is plane. Everyone loves this city also for its good transport connections with Barcelona. Besides, here are situated language schools, water parks, playgrounds, luxury shops and restaurants.

The luxury houses and villas in Playa de Aro are in constant demand, as other real estate on the coast in Spain. Here you can relax, and organize an independent life with children and family, apart from doing business.

Moreover, there is plenty to see here. For example, the medieval castle Benedormines impresses with its style and color. This "old guy" which has been preserved to our days, has almost 1,000 years! However, it is still pleasing to see. It is said that this castle originally defended the city of greedy pirates and then became a part of its cultural heritage. Currently here are organized the excursions, dedicated to the history and culture of the Costa Brava, and is even opened an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

Your partner

Therefore, if you intend to buy or rent a luxury property on the Costa Brava, the experts of the company “Lusa Realty” will help you choose a suitable option that will even exceed your expectations. A large selection of houses and villas on the coast in Spain, reliable cooperation with the construction companies, property owners and tenants, working together with the best lawyers in Spain, ensures the excellent results at an affordable price. The company "Lusa Realty" will be your reliable partner on the Spanish property market.

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