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July 18, 2014

Restoring the prestige of the brand “Spain”

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Restoring the prestige of the brand “Spain”

The brand “Spain” is supported and returns its prestige due to economic growth and recovery in general and to the made reforms. The country's reputation rises in the overall ranking and 90% reports about Spain are favorable for the country.

Economic, institutional and social rehabilitation of Spain managed to improve the image of the brand in Spain. After four years of deterioration in the country's reputation, due to the economic and financial crisis, this year thanks to a gradual recovery of the economy, there were first positive international assessment data to improve the prestige of the brand in Spain, as evidenced by several recent studies that have become available in the international press.

Spain, in accordance with the results of a survey conducted by Reputation Institute in June of this year between the countries – members of the G-8, is in 18th place out of 65 in the ranking of global image that is almost on the same level as that of France, which is located just a step above. The improvement of this international perception of Spain, according to the report, primarily based on the restoration of the economic situation in the country, compared to the time of economic crisis.

Thus, Spain has significantly improved performances, which are considered to rank. How, for example, an increase of 8.3% effective use of public resources, which allowed Spain to climb to 18th place in this classification, and 6.8% improvement in the economic environment, thanks to which Spain has risen to 25th place. The 6% improvement in the institutional and political environments in which Spain has reached 19th place in the international ranking, and technology and innovation, an increase of 5.8%, and, accordingly, the 24th place in the ranking.

In addition, the international community also pays attention to the Spanish culture, in which the improvement was by 3.2%, and Spain on this indicator in 6th place in the international ranking. The leisure opportunities and a variety of entertainment for which Spain has the best position among other indicators, namely, is located in the fourth position. Particularly worth mentioning is that the respondents of the survey, are increasingly choosing Spain as a good destination for investment (7.6%) and work (6.6%), and not only as a tourist destination.


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