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October 6, 2014

Spain is the 18th country with the best reputation among the 55 largest economies in the world

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Spain is the 18th country with the best reputation among the 55 largest economies in the world

Culture and character of the population of the country are the two factors that were assessed as favorable as possible.

Spain, again in 2014, is situated in 18th place in the list of countries with the best reputation among the 55 largest economies in the world, a place that it has held since last year, as reflected in the ranking prepared by the International Institute for Reputation (Reputation Institute), who stressed Switzerland as a country with the best reputation in the world.

In the case of Spain, the report noted that, despite the repetition of the position last year, the overall assessment of the country has improved in two points, to 64 points instead of 62 last year. Among the factors favorable to Spain, appeared friendly character of its population, as well as Spanish culture.

In general, Switzerland occupies the first position with a score of 76 points out of 100, beating in this case Canada (75.6), which was the country with the best reputation in the world in the previous three editions of the study.

Rest of the countries, which entered in the “top ten”, were Sweden (75.1), Finland (74.6), Australia (73.8), Norway (73.7), Denmark (73.4), New Zealand (72.5), the Netherlands (71.1) and Germany (69.9). In contrast, the countries with the worst reputation of the world ranking of 55 of the largest economies in the world, were Nigeria (34.9), Pakistan (30) and Iran (26.9).

An international study titled “2014 Country RepTrak» evaluates the reputation of 55 countries with the highest GDP in the world, among 27,000 citizens of the countries G8, who participated in the survey a total of 16 important factors, including safety, environment, friendliness of the people of the country, its economic and social policies, the effectiveness of its government, its role in the international arena or the quality of its products.

“The international reputation has a positive effect on the behavior of interested parts, improving the economy through the purchase of products of the country, by visiting it and by choosing this country for the expansion of corporate policy, and etc.” – accentuated Fernando Prado, the partner-director of Reputation Institute in Latin America and the author of the study.

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