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December 3, 2014

Spain: more opportunities than risks

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Spain: more opportunities than risks

The Spanish business elite confirms that today is going the strong recovery of the national economy, but also requires the government of the country to continue to implement reforms to strengthen economic growth.

At the present, the economy is feeling much more secure than ever. There are even more options that Spain will grow above expectations, than risks of repetition of recession and stagnation of the economy, despite all the crises that come from abroad, the doubts about the neighbouring countries, like France or Italy, which threaten Europe and its stability, and despite the fact that in Spain during the crisis was destroyed a large number of jobs.

Now we can say that growth opportunities are above the level of risk of the Spanish economy and its decline in the near future.

This fact is confirmed by the official data. The Spanish economy has been growing for five consecutive quarters, began to create jobs and financial organizations provide loans and mortgages to individuals and businesses, although the unemployment rate remains unstable.

It seems that Spain takes off and its development prospects are encouraging, especially in the area of job creation, provided that all the planned reforms will be implemented. In this view are the same meaning the entrepreneurs and bankers involved in the celebration of the sixth anniversary of the company “ABC Empresa”, the “corporate elite.”

There are many opinions on this subject, but the diagnosis is unanimous: the economic growth in Spain is an established fact, despite the recession in some European countries. The structural reforms initiated by the government of Mariano Rajoy begin to function, although we cannot be totally calm, because it is necessary to continue the momentum of reforms to strengthen economic growth and thus accelerate the creation of jobs.

In general, the Spanish businessmen trust in government policies applied since 2011, which, in turn, are supported by international organizations.


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