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October 15, 2013

Spanish wine conquers the world

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Spain is very close to first place for the production of wine in the world. All indications are that this year's wine production in Spain will reach the highest possible volume. On official data reported that this year is shown that in Spain will be produced 46 million hectoliters of sparkling wine, at 12 million hectoliters more than last year. This optimistic outlook provided by “Spanish Observatory of the wine market”, which is based in their reports on the level of the grape harvest in 2013. For a complete validation of numbers we have to wait only a few weeks. If the prediction is confirmed, then we can talk about the best grape harvest in recent years. In particular, this will be the third best harvest in history dating back to 1987, as soon as only in 2003 and 2004, the volume of the collection has exceeded this figure. On average Spain produces 40 million hectoliters each year, which recorded statistics.

Director of the Observatory of Wines of Spain, Rafael del Rey, said that «this year because of the rich harvest of grapes, prices for Spanish wine will be significantly lower than last year, when the harvest was of less volume, and therefore the cost of wine has increased”.

It should also be noted that most of the wine produced in Spain is exported to other countries. To see how this will impact on the amount of crop exports, it is necessary to wait until the results of the production of the main competitors of Spanish sparkling wine, Italy and France. According to Rafael del Rey, «in the case of poorer harvest in these countries, they are sure to export more Spanish wine, which will necessarily affect the cost of the drink and the volumes of exports.

Forecasts of experts point to the fact that in France and Italy this year harvest grapes were not as rich as in Spain, which is a positive fact for the Spanish product”.

In addition, the Director of the Observatory of Wines of Spain underlined the intention of the Spanish wine sector to strengthen the export-oriented and «selling Spanish wine to customers of our clients.”

The importance of exports of wine does not leave any doubt, just look at the historical statistics. In 2011-2012, it was exported 22.5 million hectoliters of wine, while in the 2007, exports accounted total of 5.1 million hectoliters.

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