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June 5, 2014

The European Commission requests Spain to continue reforms

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The European Commission requests Spain to continue reforms

Executive bodies of the European Union support the Spanish government in the selected direction of reform , but it also believes that Spain still much to do to improve and to finally emerge from the economic crisis. Brussels calls on Spain to reduce various types of employment contracts that exist in the country , as well as lower taxes on hiring employees and increase the rate of VAT.

The European Commission recommends that , in addition, the Government of Spain to move as soon as possible , to a simpler tax system that will contribute to sustainable growth and economic recovery.

The European Commission has requested Spain on Monday to have been taken by the government ” new measures ” to stop the segmentation of the labor market, including a proposal was made to reduce the number of varieties of labor contracts and the reduction of social security contributions and compensation for loss of income , in turn, carry out due to the VAT increase and the so-called environmental taxes .

Brussels also requires the government of Spain to indicate and specify the actions that it intends to take to achieve deficit reduction in 2015 (up 4.2%) and in 2016 ( to 2.8 %).

Such goals were set before the current government of Spain, and which according to the President Mariano Rajoy , Spain intends to fulfill. Spain should also “take new measures to reduce labor market segmentation in order to promote sustainable employment and quality of employment , including the reduction in the number of labor contracts and the possibility of achieving a balanced layoffs”.

With regard to the taxation system, the executive body of the European Union in this case , calls on Spain, held before the end of this year ” comprehensive tax reform to make the tax system more simple and thus contribute to the growth and job creation , environmental protection and stability of budget revenues .” For this purpose, generate revenues for the state budget shifted towards indirect taxes : VAT and environmental taxes , such as on fuel for cars.

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