July 12, 2017

The price of properties in Catalonia

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Catalonia: What is the price of a property consist of?

When deciding on the purchase of a property in Spain, specifically in Catalonia, an important factor is the price of the preferred object and of which it is composed. You have already chosen your apartment or a house in Barcelona, ​​but how can you be sure that you will pay the right price for its unique features? We suggest you pay close attention to the following key points.

 Location of property in Spain

First of all, of course, it is worth considering in detail the city or town where the selected property is located. Depending on the purpose of buying a property in Spain, its location may be on the Mediterranean coast, in a large city or in a small town with colorful local culture. The location of the property is the main factor whether you want to reside in Spain permanently, or to spend the summer holidays in your new home. In Catalonia, there is a special demand for apartments in Barcelona, ​​houses by the sea, as well as for villas on the Costa Brava or on the Costa del Garraf. These last two shores are considered the coastal areas of elite of Spain, since they have everything necessary for a comfortable life, which is a reason why the real estate prices here are according to this level.

The necessary infrastructure

Convenient accessibility for public transportation, presence of prestigious educational institutions, health centers, shopping centers and numerous shops, as well as restaurants and active nightlife, are the characteristics of a well-developed infrastructure of a selected area. When choosing an apartment in Barcelona for buying or renting, it is important to pay attention to the proximity and availability of facilities that are especially important to you, or distance to the sea, if this is the main criterion when choosing a villa or a house in Barcelona near the coast.

Of course, to have more comfort, you will have to pay a little more, so you must take into account the existing infrastructure for the formation of the price of the selected real estate object. At the same time, it is important to understand that for a summer vacation in Spain, you will need some specific services and infrastructure, but in case of permanent residence, the area should have other characteristics. Fortunately, Catalonia offers a wide range of real estate for both cases. You just need to specify your preferences to buy a house or an apartment of your dreams in Barcelona.

 Property type

Spain in general, and Catalonia in particular, offers a great selection of different types of properties for buying. It can be a flat, an apartment, a house, a villa or even a medieval castle on the Costa Brava with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea. Depending on your preferences and goals, you could choose a suitable property within the available diversity.

It is important to remember that the type of property directly affects the final price. An individual townhouse will cost more than an apartment in an apartments’ building, meanwhile, a modern and equipped villa can cost several million euros if you also want to have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea from your terrace.

State of ownership

Another important factor for the formation of real estate prices in Spain is the state of a particular object. In this case, you should pay attention if it need to be repaired and to what extent, or if elected apartment or house in Barcelona is already ready to move in. Generally, many of the real estate objects in Spain are sold refurbished, which, in turn, is reflected in their price. However, it is also possible to buy a house or an apartment in Barcelona in need of refurbishment, which will give you the opportunity to change and adapt your new home according to your preferences. Please note that the renovation can result in a large investment after the purchase of the property, as well as the fact that you will not be able to live in this house or apartment for some time. Cosmetic repairs include small improvements that you want to make according to your personal taste, such as painting the walls or replacing the pipes. In this case, the financial expenses and time inverted are significantly reduced. If your goal is to live in a house or an apartment immediately after its purchase, then it will be necessary to choose a property in Spain without the need to reform it.

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