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April 4, 2014

The volume of the Spanish property market

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According to official data, in 2013 the volume of the Spanish property market totaled 38,016 million euros, 20% less than the year before, when in 2012 this amount totaled 47,782 million euros.

Thus, we can say that the past year has been committed , 12.8% less real estate transactions than in 2012 . According to the Ministry of Development of Spain, the Spanish property market has for the past three years is keeping the tendency to reduce activity. According to many experts , the real estate market in Spain , like the rest of the economy as a whole, growth is recovering and gaining . However, not all statistics confirm the optimistic forecast of the government of Spain , and many expert groups. For example, data on the amount of money involved in the property market for 2013 indicate a high enough resolution reducing investments. In particular, less than 38,000 million euro, about 20 % less than in 2012 , was invested in the Spanish property market in 2013 .
Since 2006 , when it hit its highest figure invested in Spanish property market funds in the amount of 158,682 million euro , one can speak of a marked decline in the activity of this important economic sector . The decline was 76% on figures for 2013. Even in 2012, the figure was much higher , namely 47,782 million euro.
Total for 2013 was committed 285,136 real estate transactions, 12.8% less than in 2012 .
If we consider the official statistics more closely, it turns out that on the secondary real estate in Spain in 2013 was spent 30.334,2 million euro, 8.2% less than the year before . At the same time new properties on the market in Spain has been involved in the 2013 7.682,3 million euro, 48% less.
More likely was conducted real estate transactions in the autonomy of Andalusia, to 6.976,3 million euro. Followed by Catalonia with a volume of 6.765,7 million euro in Madrid with 6,530 million euro and Valencia Community to 4.986,3 million euro.

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