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September 15, 2015

Touristic records of Spain

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Touristic records of Spain

Spain will receive more than 3 million international visitors than in 2014, according to Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, speaking at the official press conference of the Tourism Forum, organized this week at the headquarters of the news agency Efe, announced that by the end of 2015 Spain will visit 68 million foreign tourists. Thus, according to these estimates, in 2015 the number of foreign visitors to Spain will exceed by more than 3 million the number of tourists in 2014, when their number reached 65 million people, and was set a new record.

In addition, the member of the government of Spain in his speech also cited the official figures generated by the tourism sector of the country during the summer season which has just ended and according to which the number of foreigners visiting Spain grew by 6% compared 2014.

For minister Soria, Spain by the end of 2015 "will be consolidated" in third place as a world power in the tourism sphere, and in second place for the highest average spending of international tourists.

In the context of the growth expected for the Spanish economy, the minister also said that Spain will grow by 3%, "if economic policy will not change," and stressed that "an important role" in this momentum will occupy the tourism sector of the country.

In addition, the minister Soria said that the tourism sector represents 11% of GDP of Spain, 11% of employment and 25% of all new jobs created, that in the last 12 months meant 470,000 additional jobs.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain also noted that tourism "has an extraordinary impact on the balance of payments of the country" and "helps compensate" the deficit of Spanish commercial sector.

However, the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism has warned that the leaders of the tourism sector in Spain "cannot be satisfied" with the general performance and improvements that the sector shows in recent years.

One indicator which Soria noted especially was the average spending of foreign tourists, which in his opinion, deserved the fact that together with the Ministry of Finance of Spain, was launched a few months ago a special plan for tourism and trade.


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