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January 8, 2016

Villas on the Costa Brava and on the Costa Dorada: cliffs and long golden sands

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We start with the Costa Brava

The properties on the Costa Brava is not only an excellent investment but also a reasonable purchase for your own family in order to relax and enjoy your leisure time. However, why this place is so good and remarkable?

Let us start with the fact that here you can enjoy, perhaps, the best climate on the whole Mediterranean coast of Spain. Indeed, on one hand, on the Costa Brava you can find spacious, clean sandy and gravel beaches. Moreover, on the other side, near the sea and golden sand coexist gigantic rocks that protect the coast from the wind. This creates a surprisingly quiet and favorable microclimate.

Of course, in favor of the purchase of real estate on the Costa Brava, says not only the climate, but also the infrastructure and numerous economic components. In this case, we must also especially mention the geographic location of much success. For example, to reach the center of Barcelona (one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in Spain) you will need to take less than an hour. And yet, the Costa Brava is bordering with France. All businesspersons and curious travelers will certainly like this fact.

Like all Spanish, the Costa Brava is distinguished by its sensuality and special character. Here you can find narrow streets, which seem to be frozen in time and space, preserving the historical aspect of Spain, successfully combined with modern hotels, shops and trendy restaurants. Everything here is designed to the last detail; the architectural ensemble is done beautifully, creating a feeling of fullness and peace. Therefore, if you decide to buy a property in Spain, on the Costa Brava, you can be sure to find here the right set of contrasts.

By the way, buying a luxury property on the Costa Brava, you can significantly increase your income. The fact is that this part of the coast of Spain is one of the most popular among tourists. Therefore, here there are always those who are looking for a luxury property for rent and subsequent purchase. Among the luxury property, in this case, we understand, basically, houses and villas on the Costa Brava. As a rule, they are located near the coast, in an area characterized by an imposing and magnificent design. Besides, its surroundings are also pleasing: a garage, a cozy courtyard with a picnic area, a small garden of orange trees and an outdoor swimming pool – these are just some of the possible attributes of these properties.

What about the Costa Dorada?

Not far behind the Costa Brava is the Costa Dorada. This place is also a paradise for tourists as it has a temperate climate and sandy beaches with gentle slopes. By the way, in Spanish, "Costa Dorada" means "gold coast". It is believed that this is the merit of sandy beaches that are so large, spacious and comfortable that attract the attention of tourists from around the world.

Luxury houses and villas on the Costa Dorada enjoy stable demand, despite the uncertainties of the global economy. This is thanks to not only the beauty and comfort of the beaches, but also because of the exceptional nature of this place. It is quite extraordinary and diversified. On the one hand, it is always crowded, fun, noisy and interesting. Discos and nightclubs are everywhere. On the other hand, here it is also relatively quiet for respectable cities.

Villas on the Costa Dorada are mostly built ear the sea and have everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Despite the fact that the Spaniards did not belong to the category of pedantic people, they do everything to consciousness. Therefore, to those who decided to buy a villa or a house on the Costa Dorada, we can tell with great certainty that it will be a promising and intelligent purchase.

Subsequently, luxury houses and villas on the Costa Dorada are perfectly sold or rented. The flow of tourists here is endless, while the public is reliable and nice.

Your assistant in the acquisition of properties in the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada

The company "Lusa Realty" will help you buy a villa or a house on the Costa Brava and on the Costa Dorada, offering the best options of the current properties with good liquidity. In addition, all matters relating to legal, judicial and immigration issues, the experts of our company also have under control.

All details about the process of buying property on the Costa Brava and on the Costa Dorada are available on the website of the company.

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