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The picturesque coastline of the Costa del Maresme with its sprawling sandy beaches stretches for 50 km to the north of Barcelona towards France. For the entire length of the coast, all the way up to Blanes, forest conservation areas and vineyards alternate with old towns; and white beaches and green golf courses exchange places with exclusive residential villages.

The history of the Costa del Maresme is as rich as its geography. The first fishing villages appeared in ancient times and one of the earliest mentions is linked to Arenys de Mar.

Later, a little further in from the sea, in order to protect the population from pirate attacks, villages began to appear (Vilassar de Dalt, Teià, Premià de Dalt, and others), which, over time, have turned into beautiful towns and still retain many reminders of the medieval architecture.

The course of the Costa del Maresme’s history explains the general tendency for the old centres of the towns to be built away from the sea. The residential developments, populated by the local aristocracy and elite, also arose away from the working-class fishing areas on the hills, where the air is considerably drier and the views more beautiful. This feature still exists to this day: the most expensive real estate on Maresme's coastline is concentrated in exclusive developments situated 4-6 km away from the sea. Life here is extremely comfortable: it is not solely to do with the mild climate and typical winter temperature of about 10 degrees; it is also due to its proximity to Barcelona with its rich cultural and entertainment scene. The towns of the Costa del Maresme can safely be considered in the same bracket as the closest suburbs to Barcelona: the area has first-class transport links thanks to the high-speed motorway and rail connection with regular services and modern trains.

However, the presence of the rail connection is a matter of great debate. The train runs parallel to the coastline, leaving out just two populated pockets of land, Caldes d’Estrac and the coastal municipality of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. This aspect must be taken into account when choosing a residential property: the walking distance to the sea will inevitably be affected the underpasses beneath the railway line.


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