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One of the most developed and beautiful cities in Spain, the historical centre is a treasure trove of architectural masterpieces. This is all about the capital of Catalonia, which annually attracts an ever growing number of investors, entrepreneurs, and tourists. Many wealthy and famous people are interested in property in Barcelona and happily buy apartments in the most exclusive areas of the city. It is not unusual to see Shakira, or the footballers Piqué or Messi and many others out and about on the streets of Barcelona. But, you can also find apartments in Barcelona at prices that are pleasantly surprising.

Many people plan to buy an apartment by the sea in Barcelona for their holidays or to rent out over the summer season. The central areas in the city, close to the beaches, are the most in demand amongst tourists. If you are planning to rent out a property, this type of apartment is an excellent option. The main attractions are concentrated in the centre of Barcelona, which guarantees a steady flow of tourists all year round.

Investors often prefer to buy an apartment because its upkeep does not require as much additional outlay as a villa with a garden and a pool. If you wish to rent or buy an apartment in Barcelona, you should choose the area carefully. Initially, it is important to work out exactly what your requirements are: do you need to travel to work? Is being close to the city centre important to you or do you prefer quiet areas? Do you need a school or university that is within walking distance? By anticipating your needs in advance, you can find the perfect place to live.

Barcelona boasts around 10 completely different districts: the secluded Pedralbes and Sant Gervasi, the lively Old Town, the enigmatic Gràcia district, the modern Poblenou and Vila Olímpica, the elevated Zona Alta, the cosy Eixample district, and more. A detailed description of these districts can be found on our website.

Lusa Realty is based in Barcelona and its experts have been living in the city for many years. We are happy to share our knowledge and help you to buy or rent the property of your dreams!

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