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Flats in Costa Maresme


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Apartments in Maresme (Spain) are in great demand amongst local and international clients. The popularity of the Costa Maresme is largely due to its proximity to Barcelona and the Costa Brava. There are two airports within an hour’s drive: El Prat (Barcelona) and Girona.

Property on this coastline is acquired by people for whom the proximity to Barcelona and the convenience of all modern amenities are important. However, living on the coast enables you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the nature, the beaches, and the fresh air. On the Costa Maresme, there are many cosy towns and residential areas where it is possible to find the apartment of your dreams. It is worth paying attention to the excellent transport links which make it possible to comfortably and quickly get to Barcelona or any other city on the Costa Maresme. This can be done by car (on a toll or free highway), by train, or by bus.

Thanks to the closeness of Catalonia’s capital, apartments on the Costa Maresme are in great demand for holiday rental. Purchasing such an apartment can be a great investment. Lusa Realty's database offers a wide selection of apartments on the Costa Maresme to suit all tastes. The agency's experts will be happy to help you choose the right option for you, advise you on mortgages, complete the transaction professionally, and support you with enrolling in schools or higher education.

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