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In recent years, many investors have shown a willingness to buy a ready-made business in Spain. This is aided by the country’s favourable economic situation, the ever-increasing flow of tourists, and the high standard of living.

Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities for buying an existing business in Spain. The mild climate, constant influx of tourists, and rich architectural heritage make this city an attractive investment proposition. Buying a ready-made business in Barcelona means ensuring a stable income all year round. In addition to the profit, this type of investment is also attractive due to the opportunity to obtain an investor’s residence permit. Lusa Realty’s experts provide related services: legal advice, help with obtaining a residency permit, and assistance with opening and managing bank accounts.

Also, our experts understand the complexities involved in choosing a property and will be able to recommend the best region for a specific kind of business. For example, in Barcelona, the old centre is the best area for business in the tourism sector: Paseo de Gracia, Rambla Catalunya, and all of the streets running off of them.

In addition to Barcelona, Lusa Realty has unique properties on the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa Maresme, and the Costa Garraf.

The most common properties in the ready-made business sphere are restaurants, car parks, sports clubs, vineyards, olive farms, hotels, and tourist apartments. It is worth considering one significant difference between a ready-made business and a premises with a tenant: in the first instance, you will need a bit more knowledge and other business skills to manage the project yourself. Nevertheless, our experts offer comprehensive support to entrepreneurs starting a business in Spain. From assistance in choosing a specific sphere of activity or premises to the completion of all necessary documentation and offering recommendations regarding the specifics of doing business in Spain.


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