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Commercial premise in Spain


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One of the most common areas of investment in Spanish real estate is commercial premises. The subsequent rental of the space generates a stable income and does not require a great deal of additional cost. The owner may not have the specific knowledge or skill set, but can still successfully run the business. In general, the profit generated from the rental of premises can range from 5 to 10% depending on the city and the location.

Commercial premises such as supermarkets, office blocks, shops, car parks, fitness centres, and restaurants are the most attractive options for purchase. Particularly attractive are offers of premises with a tenant. Concluding a long-term lease agreement with a major network is a guarantee of a stable income.

Commercial premises in Barcelona are of particular interest to investors who are focused on the tourism sector. Shops in the historic centre, supermarkets, and car parking sites are in great demand here. A good profit can also be made from restaurants and cafes in the centre of Barcelona. Courtesy of its cultural and architectural heritage, the influx of tourists to Catalonia's capital continues throughout the year, which guarantees a steady income from running a business here.

Lusa Realty’s database has commercial premises in Spain for rent and for sale. The main bulk of the properties are based on the coasts of the Costa Brava, the Costa Dorada, the Costa Maresme, the Costa Garraf, and in Barcelona. Depending on the wishes and goals of the client, our experts will help you to choose the right property, and offer advice on choosing a city or region in which to run a particular business. The company's staff will also support you in obtaining a mortgage, opening and managing bank accounts, and provide legal advice on a wide range of issues.


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