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The Barcelona area includes rural “sub-Barcelona” areas about 20-30 kilometers away from the sandy beaches. This is a large part of the area and includes the  Vallés Occidental and Oriental, Llobregat, and part of the Penedès.

These areas are characterized by featuring both mountainous landscapes and flat land. Each of them includes a national park or a natural park in its center. The most in-demand areas for property buyers in suburbs of Barcelonas are, among others, the picturesque areas of  Sant Cugat, La Garriga, Matadepera, Sant Just Desvern, and Vilafranca del Penedès. In addition to having numerous natural monuments, spa centers with natural hot springs, castles, and wine-producing vineyards, these areas also have excellent infrastructure and are well-connected with Barcelona by roads and public transportation. It's the perfect area for buyers who are looking for villas with large plots, historical properties, stately homes, and golf courses. You can find all of this just 30-40 minutes away from Barcelona and enjoy the exclusivity of a private property while at the same time taking advantage of the benefits of being near the big city and the beaches.

Due to high demand that Barcelona properties have been experiencing recently, the areas surrounding the city have been built up and developed. Viladecans, Cerdanyola, and Hospitalet have seen the emergence of new districts with wide landscaped avenues and tall, grand buildings. Freeways and train and metro lines are being expanding quickly.

When venturing outside Barcelona, you can see how one area shifts to the next, alternating historic city centers, industrial and shopping areas, and protected natural areas and parks.

Buying a property outside Barcelona is a smart investment with a future, as Barcelona is becoming more and more attractive as a city to live in, and will become an even more important city and region in the near future.

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