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The Gracia neighborhood used to be a village on the outskirts of Barcelona until 1897, when it was joined with the Ciudad Condal as part of Ildefons Cerdá’s project. Its strong sense of identity and autonomy are why today Gracia is like “a city inside a city”, and the most mysterious neighborhood, with the most cultural independence from Barcelona.

The local life in the small squares with their bars and cafes, markets and artisanal stores, narrow one-way streets, low buildings, and restaurants with healthy food and eco-friendly stores all come from the diverse population of this neighborhood. Young university graduates and artists, older people and respectable Catalans who moved here in the Franco years make up the most populated neighborhood in Barcelona, with 120,000 residents.

This neighborhood has eclectic architecture, and is dynamic, colorful, and full of fun during the day. At night, it calms down and the fun continues in its bars, with live music and typical tapas.

Purchasing a property in Gracia can be a good investment as a property that's easy to rent, as well as a good choice for young, active people looking to live in Barcelona and be part of a truly authentic and unique district.


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