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The most difficult part of moving to Barcelona is choosing a neighborhood to live in. The city center is perfect for enjoying vacations, excursions, and strolls, but the houses there are so in-demand that the prices can be a deterrent. That’s why it’s a good idea to pay attention to the outer districts of Barcelona, where you can purchase property at affordable prices. These districts include: Sant Andreu, El Clot, Nou Barris, and more.

El Clot borders Sagrada Familia and Eixample and is nearer than the other neighborhoods to the center of Barcelona, which is why you can find many elegant buildings here from the modernist age. El Clot also houses a key metro and short-distance train station. Right next to it is the Glories district, the headquarters of many technology companies’ offices and home to a large shopping center located relatively close to the beaches. If you are coming to Barcelona to work or study, you should consider El Clot for buying or renting a property. Sant Andreu deserves a special mention. It’s a favorite neighborhood for lifelong Barcelona residents, which is an indicator of the high quality lifestyle it offers. The old, low buildings, many of which are modernist style, the clean and narrow streets, and the many traditional Catalan restaurants give it a unique feel.

Buying an apartment in Sant Andreu gives you the chance to enjoy a quiet life in an authentic neighborhood while still having all the comforts of a big city within reach.

Nou Barris is made up of a few new districts in Barcelona close to the mountains. These are big, modern neighborhoods with many large and comfortable apartments available for a good price. It has well-developed infrastructure and is well-connected to the city center. Nou Barris is a comfortable neighborhood to live, which makes it an attractive option for buying an apartment in Barcelona.


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