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Property & Houses in Sarria / Sant-Gervasi

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This is a fairly modern district that stands out for the elements of English and neoclassical architecture you can find here. It’s located in central Barcelona and historically was a district for the aristocracy and upper classes, and has its own infrastructure and pace of life.

This is where you’ll find historic and well as modern restaurantes, family-run cafes, bakeries that look like they’ve come from another century, as well as trendy clubs and bars.

The heart of the district is its food market that offers a surprising range of high-quality products. There are also many small supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops that you can reach on foot.

All of these services, as well as nurseries, schools, and business schools make Sarrià-Sant Gervasi a coveted area that’s very comfortable to live in. Buying a property in this area guarantees security and comfort, thanks to its well-developed and long-standing infrastructure.


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