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Sturgeon fish farm located in the Delta del Ebro in Tarragona

Final Goles de l'Ebre, s/n, 43580 Deltebre, Tarragona, Spain For SaleSold
ID: 12848
Total AreaTotal Area: 35.000 m2
Performance certificatePerformance certificate
7.000.000 €
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Extra Features

The main characteristics of the farm:

This is an intensive growth fish farm which is located in the Delta del Ebro Natural Park. It is 10 km from the Barcelona-Valencia motorway and 180 km from Barcelona Airport. The company respects the environment and its main crop species are sturgeons. It is valued at € 14,000,000.


There is intensive and optimized growth and there is brackish water from 3 different wells, with a recirculation and water use of 80%. The water treatment system is through filters and disinfection with ozone and ultraviolet light. The water temperature is controlled by means of an energy co-generation motor. There is an automated control and alarm system and a water sheet of 6.250 m2. The farm uses a co-generation of energy – a water heating system to optimize the growth of fish. They have a processing room which is a room specially prepared for the preparation of the Caviar with the traditional method.

There is the capacity to produce more than 40,000 sturgeons: from juveniles of 100 grams to adults of more than 15 kg of different species, and caviar production from 1.5 to 2 tonnes a year.
The farm has registered trademarks: Delta Caviar and Tsar Nikolay Caviar.

The farm produces high quality Caviar via cultivation in brackish water with characteristics similar to the Caspian Sea, comprehensive control of the entire crop production cycle, processing of the Caviar in situ in the processing room and preparation of the Caviar using traditional methods.

Company’s Strengths:

The strength that this company has is that the Caviar is a high quality product and it is the only Spanish producer of Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga Caviar. The production export forecast is that 70% of the Caviar is destined for the International market: Russia, Germany, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia etc…
The import permit is granted by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). There are sustainable installations based within a natural park, recycling and purifying of the crop water so it doesn’t influence the environment. The plot is 35,000 m2 and is located right next to the sea. The farm increases the workforce and it is forecast that there will be a continued increase in this in the coming years.  It is also a suitable facility where people can carry out research projects.

This is a great offer for those who plan to buy a ready-made business close to Barcelona!