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Each day more and more people who want to have permanent residence in other countries. And EU countries are often chosen for this propose. In European countries, people are looking for stability, security and opportunities of successful investment. We can say that Europe gives it all.


Everyone has his own reasons for moving, often very personal, and often there are economic reasons. In any case, before taking this important step, people consult different sources: friends, looking for all information available on the Internet, read specialized literature.


However, the best solution for this question is the advice and help of qualified professionals who deal with these issues during their everyday activities. There exist many ways of immigration and find the right and most suitable for each person, can only the specialist who for many years had already learned the subtleties and details of every possible way.


In the company LUSA REALTY S.L., our specialists will take care of your problems related to immigration and residency. We will do everything possible to make this process most comfortable for you.




A residence permit and related legal services:


  • Advice on obtaining residence permits
  • Preparation and management of documents, translation and legalization
  • Preparation and presentation of documents
  • Assessment of the possibility of obtaining different categories of residence permits
  • Full support and supervision of the process until you receive official resident status.




Spain is an attractive country in all respects: mild climate, quality food, warm Mediterranean Sea, many opportunities for business. Spain continues to be an alluring place for people from all over the world. After all, here you can have a high quality of life and realize a successful investment. It is not surprising that citizens from all over the CIS countries continue to dream of moving to this beautiful country with a rich culture.


The laws for obtaining a residence permit in Spain are quite diverse. The critical point of any immigration procedure is, normally, the evidence of sources of livelihood.


Today, in the context of globalization, the movement of people from one country to another becomes more free and accessible, so the status of an official resident of Europe is even more relevant as ever.


Residence permit in Spain is a legitimate legal status, which gives you the following possibilities:


  • Right to live in Spain during 365 days of a year;
  • Right to free movement within the 27 countries of the Schengen Agreement;
  • Right to open resident bank accounts in Spanish banks and obtain the mortgage loan with the conditions of the resident;
  • Right on the subsequent obtaining of Spanish citizenship;
  • Right to a residence permit and citizenship for family members;
  • Right to issue a residence permit for children born in Spain, in accelerated time and with a simplified procedure.


The application of this type of residence permit in Spain is based on the official income received in Russia.

Thus, a chance to be a resident get only Russian citizens with high purchasing power who do not claim to occupy jobs in Spain, depriving of those the indigenous population. But at the same time, a residence permit does not prohibit its holder to receive income from the opening and maintenance of private business in Spain.

You can become a residence permit in Spain, with the help of services provided by our company.

The full list of legal immigration services you can find on the website of our subsidiary Lusa Legal:




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