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Paying the appropriate taxes is one of the most important things to do both for property-related transactions and conducting business in Spain.

Types of taxes in Spain

  • Personal income tax (IRPF).

This tax is different in Spain for residents and non-residents, which is why it’s particularly important to understand from a legal standpoint.

  • Property transfer tax.

This is paid when property is bought or sold in Spain. It can vary between Autonomous Communities in the country. It’s usually equivalent to 10% of the selected property. This is also paid when vehicles or land are bought or sold in Spain.

  • Income tax on income from real estate rentals.

Just as in the two previous types of taxes, this depends on your legal status. In general, the tax for non-residents is much higher in comparison to the tax for residents.

Thanks to the high level of professionalism from our company’s specialists, you can always consult us with any questions or concerns you have about taxes in Spain and Andorra. We provide personalized consultations with lawyers and other legal services. We guarantee  relevant assistance and total confidentiality.

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