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Getting a Spanish residency permit is required to live in the country, and, in some cases, to make regular visits. In Spain, there are different types of residency permits.
The most popular one is the investor residence permit, also called the “Visado de Oro” (Golden Visa)

The “Golden Visa”, or residency through investment

There’s no question that having Spanish residence has its advantages, such as comfortable trips to countries in the Schengen zone without a visa and the possibility to stay in the country for over 180 days a year. Whatever your aim is, the way to get there is to get the residency permit for investors in Spain, also known as the “Golden Visa.”
If you’re the owner of a property valued at over €500,000 or you’re prepared to invest €1 million in the country’s economy, you can be considered an investor and apply for permanent residency in Spain.

There are certain restrictions applied to owners of real estate. First, the sale must have been conducted after 2013. This is tied to the date when the law “To support entrepreneurs and their internationalization”, dated September 27, 2013 (Ley 14/2013) was passed, which creates a route to Spanish residency for entrepreneurs.

Second, the amount of the real estate investment equal or greater to €500,000 must be made with resources available, without requesting a mortgage loan.
If you don’t wish to acquire property, you can make an investment in large business projects in the Spanish economy for the value of €1 million. You can do this through the purchase of government bonds or bank deposits.

Your first residence permit in Spain will expire at the end of 2 years and can be renewed for the same length of time. After living in Spain for 5 years or longer, you can obtain permanent residency in Spain.

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